Our exceptional bridlework is manufactured from the finest quality Sedgwicks’ leather, and the best available hardware, both sourced in the United Kingdom. Complementing this are the skills of a very experienced Master Saddler, with decades of time spent creating quality products. This is the Richard Castelow bridlework line, a unique, selective line of products ready to compete with the very best. Our products are made specifically for the rider who understands that the bridle is an integrated part of a successful horse and rider combination.

Here is a link so you canfind out more on the leather tanning process.

There are seven main areas of contact by the bridle on the horses head.

  • The poll ( top of the head )
  • The nose, lip and ,Curb 
  • The bars, the soft gum tissue between the incisors and the molars on the lower jaw.
  • The tongue.
  • The roof of the mouth.

Most chiropractors are in agreement that the most sensitive pressure point is the poll.  The atlas is the first place to be bruised over a period of time. The average bridle applies pressure from the headpiece and noseband.  The Richard Castelow patented government bridles eliminate this direct pressure.

Our bridles are manufactured to order if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.